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Marnie - Train Dating App

From 01-05-2017 to 12-06-2017

Marnie was my fourth semester group exam project, that we made using .Net technologies. The goal with the app was to make a system that allowed users to find a date on the train they were going on. The front-end app was prototyped in Xamarin, React Native and Native Android. We ended up going with Xamarin for the finale product. The backend consisted of a Web API and a MSSQL database.

Postion on the project

  • Group leader
  • Idea person
  • Supporter

Github for Xamarin project

The Corner Podcast

From 21-12-2013 to 16-02-2015

The Corner Podcast was a show I hosted with two of my British friends, it ran for 23 episodes, the first being audio only with some video editing to illustrate what we were talking about, the later episodes had our webcams in there. The show was around 30 minutes per episode and we talked about whatever we wanted, the show ended because the schedule of the hosts got to filled up with important stuff, and thus the hosts ended it.

There was also some shows we did on The Corner.

We had Brits Versus Danes and The Anime Corner. Brits Versus Danes was me and my Danish friend, versus the two other hosts, who were British. In the series, we challenged each other in games, and recorded, we then did a multi-cam video cutting between the two sides showing the best moments.

Postion on the Podcast

  • Host
  • Audio and Video editor
  • Social Media Person

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